warm coffee drink as oart of my morning routine 2022

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  1. I absolutely loved this blog. Not only did I check out the Morning Routine post, but I had to look at a couple others.

    The Morning Routine post was quite interesting, and I like the fact that you were so honest about breaking the routine occasionally. That makes it more appealing for persons who might be intimidated by the idea of having to stick to it faithfully. You made it clear that it’s human to mess up occasionally, but not to make a habit of it. it also made the 66 days target more achievable.

    1. I’m so glad you loved this blog! The 5 AM Club has helped me cultivate my own morning routine and benefited me greatly personally. I do my best to post interesting content regularly, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the feedback!

  2. Hi Penny,

    Your morning routine´s amazing. Many of the new self-made millionaires also admit to having a daily routine too. I agree with starting your day with positivity. 

    You can´t have a positive environment with a negative mindset. It just doesn´t work like that. So, we have to whip our thoughts into shape!

    I believe we have more control of our day than we realize, especially if we set the right tone. Meditation is a must as it´s a great stress reliever and makes us calm.

    I believe that we need to prepare our minds and emotions to get ready for the day and not just our bodies (coffee, grooming, dressing, etc).

    I love your advice about moving exercise to the time of day that best suits you. Not everyone can have a morning workout, instead of doing no workouts at all, it´s better to do one later during the day at one´s convenience.

    I also appreciate your habit tracking idea. It´s good to see progress right before your very eyes, that´s uplifting. 

    Great article.



    1. Hi Dana, Thanks for your comment and sharing! It is SO important to start our days on the right note so that it will continue throughout the day. Glad you find some of the ideas in the post useful to you and I wish you success in your own journey! 🙂

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