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  1. This is a very detailed comparison of Shopify and WordPress for an ecommerce business. I am a bit confused though as you mention that a lot of coding is required for WordPress. I have a WordPress blog and have not had to do coding so far, so is coding required for setting up the ecommerce side and being able to sell?

    Shopify seems to be the easier option for setting up an ecommerce business, but can one also published blog posts on it? Thank you. 

    1. Hi LineCowley, Thanks for your comment and question! Compared to Shopify, WordPress is highly customizable so you can use HTML and CSS to customize to add functionalities or to achieve specific look and feel. This is the coding part I was referring to. You probably have not needed to use coding for your WordPress blog as you have used theme templates and not been doing much of customization. For the setting up of the ecommerce part, you can use WooCommerce to do it. Again if there is a need to customize, then coding may be required. 

      For Shopify, it has blogging capability but maybe an overkill for you if all you want is just to use it for blogging as its power comes from its ecommerce capabilities and security. You may wish to consider the Shopify Lite plan which will allow you to add on Shopify’s power to your existing WordPress blog if you wish to add ecommerce capability to your blog subsequently. 🙂


  2. Thank you for such an informative article. I am in the online blogging field for the past 5 years and I am doing well. I was also stuck between these 2 when I was starting my online journey but since all my website was blogging website therefore I chose WordPress. There is no doubt that WordPress is more complicated than Shopify, but once you grasp the knowledge, then you can modify each and every aspect of your website in order to create a user-friendly and attractive user experience. I have never tried Shopify, but WordPress proved to be a gem for me.

    1. Hey Hari, Thanks for your sharing! Yes, WordPress may be a better choice for blogging and it’s also power if one takes the time to learn to use it. For starting ecommerce stores and businesses that involve online transactions, I recommend starting with Shopify to cut short the lead-time to market and focus more on the marketing and business aspects of the online business. 🙂

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