The best AI writer software of 2021

In this article we will be taking a look at some fantastic Artificial Intelligence (AI in short) writer software which has revolutionized the way people can get their work done, or even just have fun with something new. I have personally tried out and tested quite a number of AI writers currently on the market and this article was written based on my learning from these experiences.

What is an AI writer?

AI writer refers to a piece of computer software that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate words in order to create an original piece of work, from articles to short stories and everything in between. The writer can either be controlled by the user for more accurate results or completely automated for less control but better flow.

How does an AI Writer work?

AI employs technologies called deep learning and natural language processing, drawing from a database of millions of previous text samples. While deep learning seeks to mimic the human brain’s analysis of data and patterns, natural language processing strives to analyze and generate language in the way that humans do.

The process is one in which computers learn to read and interpret human language as a whole. AI algorithms learn word definitions and grammar rules to compose sentences in the same way that people do, with input from programmers on format, copy length, and tone. To collect and filter through data and find meaning in words, the computer use algorithms. The data is then processed and converted into text.

The AI writer software helps professionals and hobbyists alike write articles in a more efficient, and less time-consumptive manner. As mentioned before, the program generates words that are unique to the human mind. The software uses sentence structures that are also generated by AI itself in order to effectively communicate ideas.

Different types of AI writers

Broadly, there are basically two types of AI writer softwares on the market now: 

1. Form based AI writer 

Where you select a form to write in and then you fill out the blanks. This type of AI writer depends on the writer to come up with just a few fields, usually on the subject, and the software continues from that point on. 

Some examples of this type of AI writers are: Nichness or Content Villain. Since this type of AI writer depends on the user to input many fields, it is usually for small amounts of content. It takes more time to fill up the fields and are therefore more rigid.

2. Creative Content Generation AI writer 

Where you simply start writing and the program will generate a text for you. This is more similar to the traditional writing process, where one would start with a blank canvas and then fill in the details. The AI writer then functions like a real-life writing assistant and you perform the “dance” of filling in the details. This is a more flexible type of AI writer that can be used not just for short articles but for anything from long-form content to novels or even poetry! Examples of this type of AI writers are Shortlyai and

The former of these two types provides an easy way to get started with using this software and practice how it works before moving on to more advanced programs. The second type of AI writer is a lot more powerful and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Uses of AI writer

AI writer can write simple text quickly. Use AI writer to make your content engaging. In fact, AI writer can write more than just the basics, too. β€ŠIt can write about topics related to health, technology, and other subjects, if you need something more specific. β€ŠAnd if you’re ever stuck on words, it can help with that too. Some of the common uses of AI writers are:

1. Generating new content

Apart from generation of content ideas or topics mentioned earlier, it can also generate content titles and even the very content itself, i.e. writing Articles and Blog Posts. These could be based around keywords and topics that you provide to the software or they could be completely random. This is most useful for blog writers, copywriters or content marketers. Thus, it can generate new content.

2. Improving existing content

Another common use of AI writers is to improve existing articles. It does this by rephrasing, rewriting or summarizing the content already present in the article. This way, it can improve on the original reading experience and make sure that the topic is conveyed effectively and clearly.

This comes in particularly handy if you have a website, podcast (audio) or YouTube channel (video) where you regularly create content. You might not have time to go through all of your existing content and edit/rewrite/summarize it every time you create new content.

3. For a variety of other purposes

Basically, AI writer can be used to write anything and everything. There are simply many use cases and you are simply limited by your own imagination. Therefore, it’s definitely not limited to article-writing or writing of blog posts

Some other uses of AI writer are generating business ideas, drafting Professional Emails, customer service correspondences, generating Marketing Copy such as Website copy, Sales Copies for products and services, ad copies, customer service making Reports and anything else you can think of.

The benefits of using AI writers

The are many benefits of using AI writer software which have revolutionized the way people can get their work done, or even just have fun with something new. Some of them are outlined as follows:

1. Say goodbye to writer’s block with automatic text generation

The AI writer software eases writer’s block because it can generate thousands of words a second, much faster than one would be able to on their own. This means that no matter what the subject, the AI writer program just needs to collect data and process it into text so that it can produce an original piece for you. 

In fact, AI writer can even help you generate content ideas, either by generating a list of topics for you to choose from or even suggesting prompts if you are working in the form-based variety. Therefore, you will never be faced with a blank canvas and not knowing what to write again and you can get started on projects without spending time thinking about what to write about or how to structure ideas.

2. AI writers can save you time and energy thus increase your productivity

The AI writer also helps your work become less time-consuming! Instead of being stuck trying to create hundreds of sentences by hand or spending hours looking for ideas, you can simply let the AI generate them for you and send them off as soon as they’re done! This way, all you have to do is focus on constructing and generating quality content.

3. Powered by AI, controlled by you

AI writers are a fantastic way to save both time and money, but it’s important to remember that the software is powered by AI. It’s controlled by the user and through continued input of quality content, AI writers will write only high-quality content. Therefore, the role of the human writer in controlling the flow of the content is important.

While AI technology may sound like a simple solution to many of the problems that plague the world of writing, it’s important to remember that it is not as perfect as it seems. While AI writer does what it says on the tin, in reality, there are still things that a human needs to do in order for the software to work more effectively.

Things to look out for when choosing the best AI writer

I use AI writer mainly for my e-commerce business and also for my blog. The following are the things I look out for when choosing an AI writer:

1. Quality of writing

The quality of writing is a major thing that needs to be looked at in relation to the content generated by the AI writer. This will help save you time in editing the output to arrive at the final article. Of course the quality of AI writer output also depends partly on the quality of input provided. As they said “garbage in, garbage out”. 

However, a good AI writer should be able to generate content that is relevant and on-point rather than generate a lot of irrelevant text which means you need to keep regenerating but yet still cannot find materials to use. In that case, using the AI writer becomes a waste of time rather than saving time and makes you more productive.

2. Usability – Generate texts for users in a jiffy

The best AI writer programs are not only powerful but also effective for execution. It will surprise you how many times I ran into errors in some AI writer software. After entering all the required information in the fields, the program simply returns you an error message. Therefore, I need my AI writer to generate texts for users giving as little error messages as possible. 

The Best AI writer program should be easy to use. The interface should be clean and simply designed. This is important as it will flatten your learning curve in learning how to use the software. You can then focus on the flow of the article rather than filling up the form and wondering what to enter for the form field.

3. Help generate long form content with minimal distraction and disruption

As a blog writer, I focus on generating helpful content for my readers and frequently this means I need to write long articles or what is commonly known as Long-form content. According to Search Engine Journal, Long-form content is typically 2,000 words or more. 

Long-form content offers a lot of information and great depth of information on a topic. Since we all write with a certain train of thought, I would like to write continuously with minimal distraction and disruption. As mentioned earlier, an AI writer with a simple interface allows me to focus on the content I am trying to generate and simply start writing and do the “dance” with the AI writer.

4. Does it make the content creation process fun?

This is related to the usability mentioned earlier and particularly on User Interface. When composing articles or generating content, the AI writer should make the process smooth and fun to work with. It should not make you jump over the hoops in order to get a little piece of output. 

For example, if you are editing the content to conform to a certain style or adapting it to a certain tone, the AI writer should have this function built in. It should be able to generate content where the style is converted into something that is more readable and understandable for humans. Therefore, the software should ideally have all these features built into it.

5. Cost-effectiveness

The program should be cost effective. You should not have to cough up a fortune for it. It is a tool to help you make money. However, if you need to pay for a hefty subscription before you can even make one cent on a monthly basis, then it may not be really worth it. Of course this also depends on what your current financial situation is. 

If you are just starting up, you would probably need to find the most cost effective solution while if you already have a very established business and the cost of AI writers is considered manageable, then perhaps this will not be your foremost consideration. 

A frequently heard argument from people subscribing to expensive tools is if I could spend this money to make even more money, then it’s all worth it. However, it never hurts to get a better tool which costs less so that it’s even more cost-effective and will generate even higher ROI for you right?

Shortlyai – The Best AI Software for Writers and a good AI article writing tool

From my own experience, Shortlyai (or commonly called “shortly” in short, no pun intended πŸ˜‰ ) is the best AI writer that fulfills all the considerations above. It generates quality output and has a simple and clean interface of a blank canvas with a few settings (see screenshots). 

After you log in to the app, simply choose to start with writing a blog/article or story and you will go into the blank canvas and be ready to start composing. You just need to provide the AI with the title of your article and a short brief on what you are writing about like you are speaking to a friend, you can get started with writing content and the AI writer will fill in the gaps as you type.

After logging in, you are asked to choose between writing an article/blog or a story

The output is also very intuitive and familiar to anyone who has used a word processor. It can be easily adapted into a blog post, article or long-form content. Also, if you start using Shortlyai, you’ll realize that it’s not just for writing articles but you can generate sales letters, email addresses for customers and even generate a video out of your content.

Unlike many of the other AI writers where you need to first choose the type of content you want to generate and then you need to fill up a lot of different fields before you can even get any short snippets of output, Shortlyai simply let you write and write for you as you go along. There are no complicated commands to learn, just 4 simple commands to instruct, rewrite, shorten or expand the text. You can easily generate a long form article with proper planning of a content outline. 

An elegant white canvas for you to start writing which is similar to most word processing/writing software

It is worth noting that shortlyai is one of the few AI writers that had been “grandfathered” into providing long forms content as Open AI had put restrictions subsequently to other apps that came later. As a result, many other AI writers could only provide “short form” content (which means very short output each time) and therefore there can only be very limited flow when using those writers.

The program provides a vast range of flexibility depending on your needs. Besides the simple and powerful 4-command interface, Shortlyai also comes with several helpful features such as:

Only 4 simple commands and you are ready to write

– A simple Slider on output length to help you control the length of the text output you desire.

– Writing stats to help you keep track of how many words you have written so far. 

The starting price of Shortlyai is $79 per month and it comes with unlimited amount of writing you can do with it unlike some other AI writers which charge by credits and thus can be very limiting. Apart from being able to generate unlimited amount of content with Shortlyai, you can also rewrite if you are not happy with its output and not having to worry about your monthly credits being wasted for re-generation such as in other software based on credits. 

And if you want to save more money and you are convinced that Shortlyai is the right AI writer for you, you can even sign up the annual plan which costs $650 per year or about $54 per month (this is the pricing as accurate as the time of writing this article on 10 Jun 2021). For the most updated pricing of Shortlyai, please visit their website.

Another good thing about Shortlyai which I did not really see in other AI writers is that Shortlyai is constantly improving. It would ask me for feedback on the content generated randomly which I believe is not only limited to me but other users too. The AI would improve and learn better with more users giving feedback over time. This is notwithstanding the fact that it already generates quality content to start with.

Last but not least, I really enjoy writing with Shortlyai. Me not needing to spend too much time to get started with it is a big plus. That I can even work on a longer form content and not get interrupted by the app makes this software really useful for me. I enjoy doing the “dance” with shortlyai as I sometimes would just start with a blank canvas and ask it brainstorm ideas for me or let it write. 

Sometimes I wrote something and let it complete. Often I was pleasantly surprised by its output. When working with shortlyai, I feel I am in control while it is really my assistant helping me to write better articles faster. In short, Shortlyai is a good AI writer and an affordable tool. It’s easy to use, user-friendly and efficient and I highly recommend it as an indispensable arsenal in any writer’s arsenal of tools. So if you would like to check out Shortly, you can click here.

What are the disadvantages of AI writers?

While using AI writers to help with writing is good, there are some disadvantages too. First and foremost is accuracy. AI writers are not human writers and they cannot be perfect. That’s something to expect from writing software but remains true of AI writers. Therefore, to play it safe, it is good to check how your article is being generated and to make sure that all the information you provided for the software is correct. 

It is also worth noting that they have their own faults which can be embarrassing at times such as grammar mistakes or typos in the output texts and even grammatical errors in the keywords used, etc. Therefore, it is good to check the content for errors before you publish it. There are writing tools that are very good for this purpose such as Grammarly or ProWritingAid. If you do not spend enough time to polish and edit the output, it may not meet your satisfaction even with the best software.

Another thing you need to do is to run the AI writer output through plagiarism check. Plagiarism is when the output is copied, plagiarized and re-used. It can cause copyright infringement issues. Therefore, you need to make sure that the output you get is original by running it through plagiarism checker tools such as Copyscape or Grammarly.

There is a cost to it and it’s not free. Most artificial intelligence writers also require some sort of payment for usage with subscriptions or credits. This is a necessary devil as writing is work and a business after all. AI writers are tools to help save you time and generate quality content. They are not free and cost money to develop and maintain.

However, as mentioned earlier, as long as the tool is cost-effective and able to meet the quality considerations this should not be a big issue as it will help you make money which will pay for itself and save you time. 

Last but not least, an AI writer is essentially a data-generator as mentioned earlier. Therefore, you need to ensure that the end result is not only something you can use but it’s also good enough for you to use it. Also, if you are generating articles from scratch and not taking anything from an existing database where all the writing already exists will therefore be challenging for the AI writer.

Some other commonly asked questions about using AI Content Generator  

1. Can AI replace writers?

No. AI does not have the skills or cognitive capabilities that a writer has. A writer can be creative and generate new ideas, an AI cannot do that. In fact, as can be seen from the earlier sections, we need to guide the AI writer in providing it with meaningful inputs and also edit its output to ensure that there is a flow to it. Therefore, AI cannot replace writers at this stage.

2. Can AI write stories?

Yes. AI can write stories. In fact, Shortlyai provides the option to write blog or stories. However, it is up to you to edit and polish. Do this by yourself or hire someone to edit your work.

3. Can AI write a book?

The answer is both yes and no. A human will still need to edit the AI output to make sure that it meets the requirements of a book like a coherent story, flow and structure. In this case, AI may only provide parts of the whole, such as the beginning or end which should be edited by a human.

4. Can AI write articles?

From the earlier part of this article, it’s evident that AI writers can help write articles. However, again they provide parts of the whole so the articles would need to be edited by a human.

5. Will my content be unique?

Yes and no again. In the short term, AI writers are not that good at writing so you will probably see some duplicate content from your AI writer. However, the software continues to evolve so should its algorithm and it can learn to be more unique. Also, if you are using different AI writers for the same purpose, then it’s unlikely they will generate similar content as each software has its learning algorithms which will differ from each other. 

If you don’t take the necessary precautions and fail to follow best practices such as inputting original content or ensuring good quality review, there is a chance your content may be plagiarized.

6. Does AI writer produce copies that are SEO friendly?

Yes, AI writer can produce SEO-friendly content. However, not by itself but by having proper research done and by following best practices like keeping keywords relevant.

7. Is AI writer useful?

Yes, definitely! AI writer is a useful tool if it is used for its purpose. For instance, shortlyai was made for the specific reason to save time and provide quality content that can be useful in website content generation. Therefore, in some cases where a human writer may not be able to help (i.e. generate high quality, long form articles) or when your budget does not allow for hiring a writer, then AI writer is the answer as it does the same job for less money.

8. Which is the Best AI Content Generator Software?

There are many AI writers out there today. As mentioned earlier, Shortlyai is my personal favorite AI writer as I found it useful and affordable too. Currently, it charges $24.99 per month for the standard package and the cheapest price for the annual plan is around $39.99 per month to get an unlimited amount of content produced by the software which I highly recommend.


In this article, I have outlined several different factors that you need to look into before deciding which AI software is the best for your business or the most useful for your personal use and also recommended the AI writer which I feel is the best in the market right now. I hope this article has helped you to gain a better understanding of AI writers and also enabled you to make more informed decisions about whether artificial intelligence will help you with writing. 

To best use an AI writer, you need to be aware of its strengths and limitations so that you could leverage on its strengths and make up for its shortfall with your own writing and editing. 

Have you ever tried using an AI writer to help with your writing? What is your experience with AI writers? Leave your comments below to share with me and the community of readers here.


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