10 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make And How to Avoid Them feature image

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  1. This post on the 10 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make will be extremely helpful to anybody that is considering starting their own business. Having your own business is certainly not for the faint hearted, and many do start out being overly optimistic, without thinking through all the different aspects of running your own business.

    Reading these common mistakes has made me realise that I also make many of them on occasion, with analysis paralysis being my biggest mistake. 

    1. Hey LineCowley, Glad to know that you think the article is helpful! Hope the awareness of the mistake will help you catch them the next time it comes up. 🙂

  2. Entrepreneurship is a great thing. I also think that working for yourself is always better than working for someone else as I also left my job a couple of years ago and today I own 2 successful businesses. I totally agree with the points that you listed here as these mistakes are often made by young entrepreneurs. I also did some of them like taking up all the work to myself and not thinking about my health, I learned the lesson the hard way but now I am pretty cautious to keep this lesson in my mind.

    1. Hey Hari, Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your sharing and glad that you are taking great care of your health now. 🙂

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