Time Management for Mom Entrepreneurs using Google Calendar

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  1. Time management is a very important skill, and even more so when you are solo entrepreneur and working for yourself. If you do not manage your time, it can very quickly run away with you and you end up spending time on irrelevant or unimportant tasks. The guidelines here will certainly help me and anybody else wanting to manage their time better.

    I find that writing down my tasks and then prioritizing them, helps me tremendously to stick to what is important. Do you have a favorite app to help you with time management? Thank you. 

    1. Hey LineCowley, Thanks for your sharing and comment! I am glad that you found the guidelines helpful. 

      With regard to your question on the favorite app to help with time management, I prefer to keep it simple so as shared in the post I mainly use Google Calendar for its scheduling function and also to set reminders on tasks that have deadlines. 🙂

  2. This is a very interesting article on how to get along as a solo entrepreneur. I wish had the extra time to actually make a decent schedule on how to divide my time, because I think that that is actually the most difficult part?  Someone who has experience in organizing a home, a child or children ànd a business all at once. I just don’t know where to start honestly . All I know is that I have the most energy in the evenings and nights, maybe I should stop watching the television and work then haha! Thanks for the tips and hints

    1. Hey Lizzy, Thanks for your comments! I am glad to know that you appreciate the tips and hints! I would suggest you do a time audit on how you currently spend your time to uncover where you could find the time to do that scheduling. Let the data speak for itself rather than base on gut feel. It’s worthwhile to spend that time upfront to save more time downstream. I wish you the best and please do reach out for help if you need. 🙂 

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